Occupational Accident Insurance

Bunker’s hourly Occupational Accident Insurance is making the gig economy a safe place for everyone. For more information, download our case study on our partnership with Wonolo, schedule a discussion with our Worker Protection experts, or fill out an application to see if you qualify! 

What is OAI?

Occupational Accident Insurance is an equitable gig economy replacement for workers' compensation. It protects on-demand workers while they're on the clock for as little as $0.30/hour, without the risk of misclassification or co-employment. OAI can save your company thousands on costly audits, and shows enterprises that you're providing a workforce they can trust.

Occupational Accident Insurance: Expanding the Social Safety Net

Safer than the Sum of their Parts: the Gig Economy Meets the Service Industry

Other Blanket Liability Policies for Marketplaces

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